Air Ambulance Week

A campaign to celebrate and unite air ambulance charities across the UK.

The challenge.

Air Ambulances UK is a national organisation representing and supporting the UK’s 21 air ambulance charities. For this year’s Air Ambulance Week (AAW), the objective was not only to raise awareness with a nationwide campaign but also to unite all 21 charities – to work together as one.

Our approach.

All stakeholders were given the opportunity to be heard and involved in the campaign development, vital to achieve mass adoption of the campaign by all. Regular engagement with the individual charities, teamed with our own research, resulted in meaningful brand and campaign propositions, and the development of guidelines with easy to use templates ensured the campaign was accessible for all.

The solution.

Finding inspiration in the life saving intensive care brought to patients and the letterforms in the acronym, we created a pulse icon for the AAW brand. This brand will be used year on year, building recognition for Air Ambulance Week.

To build awareness and create a distinct 2020 campaign, we focussed on two areas: that air ambulances were funded almost entirely by donations; and delivering expert medical care to the patient, wherever they are, as quickly as possible. This thought around critical time became the centrepiece of our campaign – ‘because every second counts’. Using impactful patient’s stories and imagery, the audience can relate to life-changing experiences and the importance of air ambulances.

The campaign was designed to be flexible for each region, the AAW brand and campaign creative could adopt the colour palettes of each charity and templates were created allowing content to be changed as required.

Air Ambulance Week 2020 billboard poster at bus stop at night
Air Ambulance Week 2020 local charity logo variations

The results.

Our campaign exceeded the target of 1 million engagements across 7 days, with a social reach of 16.5m, and 8.85m people interacting with our hashtag, #AAW.

quotes We never could have dreamt we would have got to this point in year one of unification. Thank you so much for everything you have done to get us there!

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