Anpario plc

Building the brand and improving online engagement.

The challenge.

Anpario operates in the animal health industry and designs products to maintain the health of animals. As part of an ongoing process to raise their profile, we were tasked with identifying necessary changes to their online presence to increase brand awareness, and most importantly, to increase sales.

Our approach.

Working closely with Anpario’s management team, we set out to create an easy-to-use website – designed and built on insight, not assumption. Starting with a UI and UX review, we identified issues and alongside the updates to the brand look and feel, we could implement impactful changes to yield better results.

The solution.

Understanding who is using the site (and why) would enable us to move the site, and the business, forward. The user journey became ‘species first’, and through navigation, page hierarchy and iconography we led the user on a path which was simple and easy to understand, giving them access to appropriate products based on their species’ needs.

By introducing a comprehensive and searchable knowledge centre we could reinforce Anpario’s position as a leading authority in specialist feed technologies and content which spoke to a separate audience, investors and stakeholders, was removed to sit within its own site on a subdomain. 

Using a simple, restricted colour palette and by introducing dynamic angles, we were able to build on and reinforce the Anpario brand, providing a unified customer experience from digital through to end product. 

Species page visual showing pigs for the Anpario website

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