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Healthier lives.

Anpario is an international producer and distributor of high performance natural feed additives designed to improve animal health, hygiene and nutrition.

Their focus is on better understanding intestinal well-being and dietetics – through science and innovation – to further improve animal performance and producer profitability. Anpario were looking for marketing collateral to reflect their values and raise their status as a quality brand.

Happier livestock.

Anpario is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality natural feed additives within the farming and veterinary community. As a global business, Anpario have an established sales and distribution network spread across 70 countries; ensuring consistency across communications requires a disciplined and unified approach.

One of the firm’s flagship products is Orego-Stim, a natural oregano-based feed additive. A key selling point for Orego-Stim, as well as being 100% natural, is that it decreases the farmers reliance on the use of antibiotics. Made from Anpario’s own organically grown oregano cultivar, the essential oils in Orego-Stim work in the gastrointestinal tract to support and maintain animal health in turn leading to happier, more productive and profitable livestock.

Anpario Orego-Stim advertising campaign visual showing animal gut within veins of a leaf

Natures best.

We created an advertising campaign to promote Orego-Stim which features an oregano leaf with the outline of a gastrointestinal tract woven into its structure; supported by the headline ‘Naturally more profitable’.

The use of full page imagery with short succinct copy is a bold step for this market and ensured Anpario stood head and shoulders above their competitors. The campaign ran in farming publications and online with a series of animated display ads; print and exhibition collateral were developed to build upon and strength the brand within key markets across Europe and Asia.

Anpario Orego-Stim advert design on green background

Adding value.

The campaign generated significant interest and helped reinforce Anpario’s position as a high quality player in the global feed additives market. We have built a strong ongoing relationship with Anpario and have successfully delivered multiple campaigns for other feed additives.

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Anpario advert showcasing the Anpro product
quotes Creative Sponge understood our challenges to deliver an innovative and engaging campaign which has undoubtedly contributed to the huge success of Orego-Stim. Helen Houghton
Corporate Development Director

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