Banham Zoo

An award winning family attraction, Banham Zoo’s goal of conserving wildlife through connecting communities with nature was in danger as visitor numbers declined.

Bringing the zoo to you.

East Anglia is lucky enough to have many different attractions and days out to offer both locals and visitors to the county. However, this choice means that attractions need to work even harder to secure customers, particularly in peak periods. Like many attractions, Banham Zoo cannot rely on the footfall of chance visitors strolling by due to its location, it has to be selected as a destination, a predetermined choice made by each customer to visit the zoo. With over 80% of consumers making this decision following research online, Banham Zoo asked us to help bring a little bit of the zoo in to the homes of its potential visitors.

Conserving the future.

We began with a period of research, using the data we were able to prioritise the content that visitors needed to support the decision making process. Working closely with the zoo, we combined this with clear onward discovery routes that would allow visitors to uncover the additional conservation and charitable information that would drive conversion.

Our next task was to bring the zoo to life online. Working with the existing brand palette we created a digital identity that represented the brand values of Conservation, Education and Welfare. Using video content and interactive games delivered through a fully responsive framework, we were able to launch a new online experience for Banham Zoo that will engage visitors and preserve this essential conservation site for years to come.

We can help move visitor numbers in the right direction.