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Transforming British Skydiving with a brand that excites and engages.

The challenge.

When we partnered with British Parachute Association (BPA), the aim was simple. We needed to create a distinct new identity that would quickly convey the excitement of the sport to new entrants and loyal participants and give them a compelling reason to join, engage with and support the sport.

Our approach.

To understand the addictive thrill of the sport we went straight to the skydiving community at a local drop zone. We discovered that skydiving was both complex and diverse, and alongside the obvious thrill, those who regularly participated required reassurance of community, challenge and support. Joining these insights with those from stakeholder workshops, we had all we needed create a bold new vision for BPA that truly resonated.

The solution.

A sporting body reborn – say hello to British Skydiving. The association wanted to capture the excitement, passion, skill and dynamism of the sport in a new name, British Skydiving. 

The new identity is a fusion of aspirational imagery with bold, energetic typography, a striking colour palette, angled lines and confident tone of voice.

The typographic logo symbolises the speed and velocity of skydiving and, cleverly, doesn’t favour any one discipline within the sport. It is very much a representation of who they are now and where they want to be as a governing body – a future-focused brand that will appeal to new and existing participants alike, positioning them alongside other world-class sporting bodies.

The results.

The brand has since launched to great reception. Members of the organisation, along with other UK sporting governing bodies and parachuting/skydiving organisations around the world have praised British Skydiving’s contemporary and evocative new brand.

quotes Creative Sponge clearly demonstrated a high level of expertise and understanding of our organisation. They provided us with the confidence they can develop a brand personality that encourages participation and continued engagement within the sport. Angel Fernandez
Communications Manager
British Skydiving

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