IWM Duxford

A long-standing and well-loved client, IWM Duxford wanted to meet new visitor targets, we had to challenge perceptions and employ new strategies to reach fresh audiences.

Experience IWM Duxford.

Almost one third of previous air show visitors were made up of first-timers, so there was a clear opportunity to grow admissions by engaging with this audience. After looking at the current marketing mix we introduced new methods of communication which would offer more engaging content. Content that begins to tap into the emotions of the audience, so they do more than simply absorb the information, they react to it.

Feel the noise.

Describing a unique event like this to anyone who has never been before involves appealing to their senses. Stand close enough to a Spitfire to touch, hear the roar of the aircraft’s engines, feel the wind in your hair as they perform in the skies above you, the sheer sensation of ‘being there’ had to be successfully conveyed to prompt an upturn in ticket sales. Video proved the ideal medium, and when used to promote the event on the client website and social media, it became their most viewed online video ever. This sense of ‘being there’ was employed throughout the campaign, through animated digital advertising to the dynamic imagery used in press advertising.

Feel part of it.

Because our integrated campaign was designed to be inclusive, we introduced a hashtag element to fully engage the audience and increase awareness.  We deliberately used content that would appeal to our new audience as well as to experts already familiar with IWM Duxford; while a social media push each day for the twenty days leading up to the event was amazingly well received, with audiences at the event posting up their own images using the hashtag.

Up, up and away.

Following the success of the campaign and our clear passion for working with IWM Duxford, we’re delighted to be considered their ‘go-to’ marketing agency for promoting further air shows and holiday activities.

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