East Anglian Air Ambulance

The beginning of a fundraising partnership for life.

Our approach.

This new audience needed inspiration, encouragement and education. We created simple ways to fundraise by taking part in smaller events at home, with friends or with colleagues. With lots of support, many thank yous and education about the value of support, we would be creating supporters for life.

The solution.

Our campaign idea ‘Your Mission Matters’ reflects the missions flown daily and gave us the opportunity to split content based on the audience needs for inspiration (your mission) and education (our mission). 

‘Your mission’ excites the fundraiser and gives hints, tips and advice on how to best support their journey. ‘Our mission’ gives EAAA the opportunity to educate the public about the missions of the helicopter and the role of everyone involved. Not just the crew, but also the individual stories of the people they helped, and why it’s so important to continue to raise money.

Bursting with goodies, giveaways and ideas we created a pack to send to potential fundraisers that would generate a huge amount of excitement, intrigue and fun when it landed on the doormat. Subtle design nods to a helicopter’s rotating blades can be noted in the unique die-cut folder and swatch-like booklet. 

quotes We love it! And more importantly our supporters do too! Stuart Wyle
Head of Community Fundraising
East Anglian Air Ambulance

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