Eat Natural

Inviting consumers into the world of Eat Natural, online.

The challenge.

Already a household name in the snack market, Eat Natural wanted to bring their brand story, heritage and unique process to life by connecting directly with their consumers beyond traditional point of sale and into their online presence.

Our approach.

In a highly saturated market, the unique process and natural ingredients in each and every handmade Eat Natural bar was becoming lost. We knew we had to create a site that clearly reminded our loyal customer base, together with new audiences, what makes the brand so special.

The solution.

Focusing on the handmade value that sets Eat Natural apart from the competition, we began working on a ‘hand-drawn’ creative theme. Illustrations were created for all the key ingredients, wonkiness embraced, and animation added throughout helped bring out the brand’s more playful side. 

Like taking a bite from a delicious bar, the online experience had to be engaging. A friendly tone of voice, additional video content and new ways to interact directly with consumers, such as sharing your bar moments, helped to transform a digital experience into a personal one.

On a more technical note, with the site being rolled out to over 40 different markets around the world, the ease of use on the back-end for the many individual marketing teams around the globe was critical, allowing product and brand content to be tailored to suit. 

The results.

We’ve been busy bees since its launch, adding new feature areas, continually optimising performance through customer feedback and analytics data, and creating a campaign microsite for the fabulous initiative.

The UK Eat Natural website is the first major step in their new brand journey and has set the online standard for the brand at a global level. 

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