Hitech GP

Branding for a motorsports team that is fueled by the passion and hunger for success.

A team with drive.

Located a stone’s throw from Silverstone, Hitech GP competes in the ultimate training grounds for Formula 1, the FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3 championships. Headed by former racing driver Oliver Oakes, Hitech GP is driven to fulfil its key ambition; to dominate the world of motorsport. A dynamic, impactful, high energy identity was required to match the team’s own outlook and performance.

High octane brand.

As with most things in life, image is everything, how you dress says a lot about who you are. So too with brands. For Hitech, we needed to create a super slick brand identity that would resonate with loyal fans and motorsport professionals alike. Iconography, type and imagery all played their role in delivering the final brand mark.

Designed to stand out.

Using a black, silver and vivid fluro red colour scheme, Hitech’s colour palette unites adrenaline-fuelled sports with impactful design. Our approach with Hitech was to create something a little more unique, but something which would, equally, stand the test of time. A bespoke typeface with speed influenced accents giving the perception of forward momentum combined with a bold colour palette delivers a striking and dynamic identity.

Winning formula.

Winning isn’t just about a single element, it’s about many elements coming together to create a stronger, more powerful unit. A brand isn’t just about a logo, it’s a combination of visual language, photography, illustration, typography and messaging. From brand through to filming days and a new website these all sit alongside Hitech’s car liveries, clothing and merchandise, creating a winning formula that’s put Hitech firmly on the road to success.

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