Jarrold Intersport

A game-changing launch of a flagship sports store for the region.

The challenge.

Retail giants Intersport joined forces with Jarrold to create a flagship store that would lead the field in sports retail in the region. Excited to embrace this new opportunity, but also worried about eroding its existing customer base, the client needed the planned rebrand and launch campaign to be handled carefully. 

Our approach.

Working with key stakeholders we understood the shift in business objectives for the store and a shift in fitness trends towards individual sports. Transitioning the current audience to this change in the store required a phased approach starting with a pre-launch campaign before opening with a switch to ‘opening soon’ messaging closer to the time. This approach would build excitement and momentum around the region.

The solution.

The biggest change was a change of name from Pilch to Jarrold Intersport. This would be a significant change for the local client base, but the benefits of linking the well-known and respected Jarrold brand with a household name such as Intersport made this a creative opportunity not to be missed, and a collaborative brand was born.

‘Serious about sport’ as a campaign sign off was derived from the expert knowledge and specialist advice on offer, in line with the store’s new positioning within the sector.

We wanted to create an impact with our proposed visual identity and, so, applied a powerful, dynamic look, together with a bold colour palette. Imagery was key to the campaign and needed to be relatable, aspirational and exciting; our solution was to feature local sports people in action. Alongside emotive headlines, the final advertising created a stirring launch for the store and has given Jarrold Intersport a toolbox of creative to continue promoting themselves throughout the months ahead.

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