ManpowerGroup UK

Putting people at the heart of ManpowerGroup’s talent acquisition programme.

The challenge.

ManpowerGroup is a global workforce solution provider headquartered in the US. The UK arm of the business identified a need to reposition their online talent acquisition programme and employer brand in order to attract and retain the highest calibre of employees.

Our approach.

We used a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research throughout the project. In the early phases we concentrated on understanding the end to end hiring process by both surveying and speaking to recent joiners across the UK.

We used this human recount of the experience to emulate what it was really like to work for ManpowerGroup in our designs. In the latter stages, we sought to validate this with potential candidates in a full in-lab usability study, in order to refine our work with real users of the site. 

The solution.

Throughout internal workshops we uncovered two strong user types which led to two distinct user journeys, those who are not sure what type of job they are looking for and those who do, which in turn helped us to create key functionality for both.

The research also gave us important insights into visual language and messaging. The visual design had to both sit comfortably within the framework of the full site but also reflect the desires of potential ManpowerGroup employees. We used the brand palette but with a shift towards the warm and welcoming orange. The curves within the brand mark are then used to style buttons, content areas and feature on the dynamic home page animation.

In addition to messaging about key benefits and progression prospects, the need for real content such as testimonials and journeys from real people was important, which visually would be accompanied by authentic imagery and video content. Language needed to be simple and encouraging, reassuring prospective employees that ManpowerGroup is a place they can grow, make meaningful relationships and help change people’s lives and futures. 

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