Neat Organic

A new range of 100% organic food products that would challenge the widely held perception of organic fruit and vegetables being an expensive, almost elitist lifestyle option.

Simply great taste.

Targeting a younger, more cost-conscious target market, there were many things to consider. Buying organic satisfied a need to feel good about themselves, but behaviours were more focused on taste and cost. By shifting the emphasis from an organic offering to one that simply tasted good made more sense. A greater attention was also paid to matching consumer requirements to pack size and format, improving affordability.

Hey look – it's neat!

Taking a holistic approach, we created a brand ‘umbrella’ that covers every element of their identity; from brand story, TOV and values to POS, packaging, digital and advertising. Like the products themselves, our suite of executions proved a hit with the target audience, helping disrupt a crowded market.

quotes This is the core ethos behind the brand – it’s tasty, healthy food that is produced organically. Ian Anderson
Neat Organic

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