Norfolk Fostering Service

Currently there are more children that require help than there are carers. To engage, educate and inspire potential new carers, Norfolk Fostering Service needed to act swiftly.

Help unlock a child’s potential.

An aging population of foster carers means many are beginning to retire, resulting in fewer available carers. We therefore needed to engage a younger generation and communicate the benefits of looking after a child in need. This new audience are less motivated by the financial benefits of becoming a foster carer, and more by the emotional rewards of helping a child realise their full potential.

Love changes lives.

We wanted to create an identity that communicated the nurturing nature of foster care. Starting with slight tweaks to the brand mark to incorporate small hearts as dots on every ‘i’, we also used hearts as full stops on headlines. Tone of voice was particularly important.  We were talking to an audience who aren’t that interested in facts and figures but incentivised more by emotion. So, headline messaging needed to be heartfelt, yet motivational.

Our bold new colour palette was created to form radiating, pulsing shapes throughout the communications, almost like a heart beating. The campaign has been a huge success and its distinctive creative highly visible across the entire region. Every child deserves to live in a loving home, and we’re proud to be helping such an amazing organisation make this a reality.

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