Park Farm Hotel & Leisure

A captivating online experience to represent the quality and the diverse offering of Park Farm Hotel. Making user journeys logical, and essentially increase conversions to book on both desktop and mobile.

Inspire with content.

Making the right first impression is so crucial to the decision-making process and captivating video content needed to take centre stage. The Park Farm Hotel website was no exception and this was an opportunity to showcase all that is on offer.

But the inspirational content does not stop there, large imagery and emotive language is woven throughout the site. Booking a getaway isn’t just functional decision, it’s an emotive one. You book with your heart and by connecting with users on this personal level you are more likely to secure their booking. Adding people into imagery and the right language helps make this connection. Park Farm Hotel is truly where moments are made special. 

Chocolate desert presented on plate at Park Farm Hotel restaurant

Explore with ease.

Park Farm Hotel has a lot to offer so the site needed to be easy to navigate and guide you to the information you were after efficiently, offering multiple calls to book throughout. With clear navigation and no dead ends the journey throughout the site feels natural whilst highlighting the key selling points of the hotel. 

Booking with confidence.

With the variety of services that Park Farm Hotel offer, there are a variety of booking platforms to incorporate. But the styling and clear calls to action allow the user to feel reassured throughout the process. Making sure it does not feel disjointed from the rest of the site was key. 

Understanding our users and their potential journeys allowed us to create a website that works. Inspiring and captivating users to understand the true quality of what Park Farm Hotel offers, and go on and make those bookings to getaway time and again. 

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