Premier Education Group

Delivering exceptional opportunities for young people to get fit, active and healthy – its rapid growth over the past few years led to the brand needing to move forward to a more cohesive vision.

Controlling the brand.

As a franchise-based business model, Premier Education Group had grown rapidly, creating a multitude of additional brands that needed simplifying before we could truly understand the Group’s structure. Creating a brand map, we organised the brands into three levels which would inform the branding structure going forward.

Overall the brand needed to maintain its broad appeal. We were engaging with primary school children but also needed the support of schools and parents, while excited franchisees together with Activity professionals also needed consideration. So, many audiences needing to be united under a single, cohesive brand identity.

Name of the game.

We recommended simplifying the existing name, Premier Education Group, to Premier Education with the sub-brands becoming Premier Arts, Sport and Wellbeing. The logo mark draws inspiration from the old version but instead of one person, a group of people are seen holding hands, working together and being given the opportunity to shine like a single, yet unified, star.

Alongside the brand mark, we created a set of activity icons to be used on brochure covers, t-shirts and other marketing collateral.

A unified vision.

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines was created to ensure internal and external communications were consistent. Internally, a core purpose and set of brand values would allow everyone to strive for a unified vision. While, externally, a mission statement and established tone of voice would ensure audiences outside the organisation would experience the same unified approach.

What's in the book bag?

As Premier Education is owned by franchisees, we needed to make the new brand identity as easy for them to use as possible to maintain a collective cohesion. To help, the visual language was demonstrated over many deliverables in the brand guidelines document. In addition, we created a suite of templates for printed collateral with the franchisee only having to change date and location information.

This was a project which required full immersion into the client’s business, including collaboration with stakeholders, franchisees and key members of the team. It was hard word work, but the result was extremely comprehensive and powerful. A brand to be remembered and a fantastic foundation for many years of future success for Premier Education.

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