Rotam Agri Chemicals

Going back to their roots to promote a human connection with customers and strong in-field expertise.

Farmer brushing hand against green barley crop

The challenge.

Continuing our partnership into their 2019/20 on and offline advertising the aim was to create a cohesive campaign that covered both the farmer and independent agronomist audiences, whilst taking a different approach to previous campaigns – promoting the human connection they have with their customers. Priding themselves on their in-field experience and customer support was an important aspect to consider for the new campaign.

Our approach.

Working alongside their UK-based sales and marketing team we set out to create a campaign that relayed the business’s desire to get closer to its customers, creating partnerships, and be seen as adding value beyond the supply of high-quality crop protection products. This led to two creative outcomes for each audience that sat under the same theme of human connection and trust.

Rotam farmer advert on a blue background

The solution.

We created advertising answers for Rotam’s two core audiences, farmers and independent agronomists. These sat under the main campaign goal of bringing Rotam closer to the customers whilst offering the relevant level of information to each. ‘The experts in your field’ for farmers demonstrates the on-the-ground customer support and ‘Unrivalled performance in the field’ for agronomists, providing the comforting knowledge that you can truly rely on Rotam’s products to get the job done.

Utilising an imagery style that included human interaction highlighted the focus of Rotam’s desire to be closer with their customers. This was paired with one of their main brand colours, typography style and curved edges to create something new, but something that also reinforced the  Rotam brand.

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