Rotam Agri Chemicals

A bold new direction to help obtain greater awareness of Rotam’s fungicide and herbicide portfolio.

Focused campaign.

Working in collaboration with their UK-based sales and marketing team, we reviewed the 2018/19 on and offline campaigns. The overall conclusion was that a strong, stylised campaign would improve retention of Rotam’s sales message. We agreed to develop a stylised, targeted advertising campaign – a singular solution for the target audiences of farmers and agronomists.

This was backed by desk-based research of agricultural studies and articles that suggested the agronomic knowledge of a new generation of tech-savvy and information-hungry farm owners and managers was growing stronger. This allowed them to comfortably engage with technical information usually considered for agronomists only.

Ideal outcome.

Our advertising campaign creative focused on the USP of Rotam’s SU herbicide products – the inclusion of all active chemical ingredients in one granule. This means that every measurement of its SU products provides a consistent dosage and end result, which cannot be guaranteed by its competitors. These granules were arranged into a ‘stop’ sign on a Rotam corporate red background, with simple, clear messaging revolving around ‘isolating intruders’ and ‘stamping out weeds’ – the ideal outcome for farmers who spend heavily on crop inputs and want effective results and high yields each harvest.

We also implemented a new social media campaign that involved the creation and posting of video content. This focused on the world-class standard of Rotam’s manufacturing process, and how this resulted in high-quality products delivering consistent results. The result of the investment in video for a social media campaign has seen awareness of Rotam and its products increase dramatically. Total impressions in the month the videos were launched were 300% up compared to the same time the previous year.

Progressive sales.

Our campaigns have increased on and offline awareness of Rotam’s reputation as a progressive supplier of crop-protection products. This has enabled them to continue its progressive sales record in the UK, holding impressive market share against well-established, global businesses such as Bayer, FMC, and Monsanto – reinforcing its position as a disruptor in the crop-protection market.

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