A simple, honest brand making data accessible for all.

The challenge.

The client already had a successful cloud-based business reporting tool with a loyal audience. However, looking for market growth, a new strategy was set to widen the existing audience base and a new name was born – Roveel. A bold and relevant approach to the brand was required to help reach these business objectives.

Our approach.

Following a brand discovery workshop to understand business objectives and vision, we undertook extensive competitor analysis and persona development. Our insights helped us uncover a simple truth – data is scary. Roveel was created to democratise data, and a new brand would need to provide clarity for all, not just those with an MBA.

The solution.

Through the use of colour, pattern and language, our solution was simple, honest and real.

The purely typographic brand mark stands proud without the need for additional iconography. Sharp detail found in the crossbars of the crafted letterforms hint at the detail in the data, and the ‘one stroke’ letterforms represent clarity.

Instead of photography or infographics, we created geometrics as the brand imagery, inspired by the simple way we show data in a digital world. Teamed with a bright colour palette and use of soft gradients, the end result is striking and unique but approachable.

A tone of voice was created to connect to the audience and humanise the brand. No jargon, no barriers to connect, language everyone can understand and maybe even raise a smile.

Following the creation of brand guidelines, the brand was applied to the user interface of the software, using colour as a tool for navigation and visualisation of the data. Welcome to the Roveelution!

Roveel branded app loading on iPhone
Roveel geometric patterns blue and purple
Roveel branded folder on a magenta and purple gradient background
quotes We really enjoyed working with you and the team and truly believe the results are stunning and crucially set us in a very good place going forward in the market. Mark Donaldson

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