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Have you ever wondered – widening participation.

The challenge.

Only 30% of college students aspire to go on to university with many others finding the concept intimidating, overwhelming, and ‘not for them’. We not only had to raise expectations with a creative campaign but also recognise any barriers to higher education.

Our approach.

Immersed in the audiences, we understood the worries and anxieties surrounding the prospect of higher education, and the financial and social barriers which may be in place and created a research report. The aim of the campaign would be to give young people a choice, and to demystify and reassure. This was then tested and confirmed in collaborative focus groups to make sure we got it right. 

The solution.

Our campaign leads with the question ‘Have you ever wondered…?’. We wanted to make the thought of going to university exciting and, more importantly, achievable, so a series of extensions were created from the audience’s perspective, ‘What time do I go to bed?’, ‘Where would I study?’, ‘Can I bring my cat?’ Real questions to break down real barriers.

Audience feedback within focus groups allowed us to validate the creative execution –  a combination of a gradient colour palette mixed with duotone imagery. We learned that our audience preferred ‘real’ imagery as opposed to illustrations, which reinforced our initial research and the hunger for real-life experiences and ‘telling it as it is’.

We worked closely with UEA on a set of visual identity guidelines, launch materials, and created a phased 12-month roadmap which allowed us to explore many of the proposed communication channels raised in our research.

The results.

Our research document, together with the visual identity, have created a solid foundation for all ongoing Outreach communications. We couldn’t be more pleased to be involved in a project which makes such a genuine difference to a young person’s life, helping them fulfil their true potential.

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