University of Suffolk

Positive health and wellbeing are essential to achieving potential. This is a philosophy shared by the University of Suffolk and one they wanted to communicate with students that had applied for places on courses.

Take some time out.

Understanding this challenging time and wanting to ease some of the stresses and worries potential students may have about their new life at university is a key focus for the University of Suffolk. Reaching out to all potential students to keep in touch and also communicate its values as a university that cares was the challenge for this piece of direct mail.

To achieve this, we created a care package that could easily be posted to potential students encouraging them to take some time out for themselves. As well as helping them to de-stress and relax, either away from revising for exams or working hard to save money, the package and its contents also communicated the mental health and wellbeing services the University offers to all its students, reassuring them there would be someone there to talk to whenever they needed it once they arrived.

It's all about you.

The package was titled ‘It’s all about you’ and filled with a range of treats and reading materials that took inspiration from Mind’s ‘Ways to Wellbeing’. It included a free month’s membership to the campus gym to reduce stress and build self-esteem; a snack bar from our friends at Eat Natural to fuel mood; two notebooks – one to write thoughts in and one to give to a friend; a tea bag to encourage taking a break; and stickers with inspirational quotes to spark positive conversation.

Working with our network of suppliers, we managed the project from end to end including all design, artwork, sourcing, print, production and fulfilment and delivered all 2,500 care packages to the University in time to send out to students who received an offer. This package, along with the University’s wider recruitment activity saw an increase in offer conversion in 2019, with a strong increase from those coming from outside the local area, a critical KPI for the University.


Following on from the success of the physical pack in 2019, we continued the campaign into 2020 as the primary recruitment tool for the University. With wellbeing as important as ever we wanted to reach not just prospective students but as many people as possible – ensuring students had the confidence and encouragement to look after their state of mind.

This led to the pack being taken from a physical and tactile object and turned into a purely digital campaign that allowed us further reach. This consisted of social media posts that linked through to an ‘All about you’ landing page, animated Instagram stories, a digital booklet with handy wellbeing tips and social competitions to win mindfulness boosting prizes such as a years subscription to headspace.

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