Get ahead of the competition with the top 5 e-commerce trends for 2017.

Online sales equate to 21% of total retail sales; can you afford to miss out on a slice of the growing £107bn pie? There are some simple rules to follow when selling online and many straightforward best practices. Read on to discover the top 5 e-commerce trends for the coming year; full of stats and real-world examples, the report provides tangible inputs into your marketing plan.

Trend 1. Increasing mobile usage.

Mobile usage accounts for 56% of all time spent online – as access to high speed mobile internet expands, so do our online shopping habits. Mobile sales are worth £40bn; that’s 37% of the total of online sales and this figure is predicted to rapidly increase.

Trend 2. Delivery service revolution.

Free shipping is the biggest influencer for purchasing decisions – 88% of shoppers favour it. Other key decision making factors include easier returns, both online and offline, one day shipping and free returns. Delivery options are more important than ever with shoppers and e-commerce sites must be set up to deal with constantly changing demands.

Trend 3. Emotional engagement.

Authenticity has huge value in modern marketing. Customers are bombarded with choice; an engaging identity – across multiple channels – offers a chance for emotional engagement. When customers love a brand story they are 55% more likely to buy a product.

Trend 4. Moving into the real world.

Despite the boom of online sales in recent years, consumers still love to touch and feel products before purchasing – 85% of people enjoy this aspect of physical shops. Tying in with the delivery service revolution trend 2, solely e-commerce shops can help consumers achieve the desired physicality of products with ease.

Trend 5. The rise of influencer marketing.

An extension of traditional word of mouth marketing, influencer marketing utilises online personalities with a fan base to represent their products or services. 60% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budget last year.