These are extraordinary times. The situation we find ourselves in is overwhelming in terms of comprehension. Yet we must continue do our bit to ensure not only the heath of the population, but our fragile economy.

Whether as business leaders, employees, and/or consumers, we must take collective responsibility to try and cultivate a more favourable financial environment.

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Support each other

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That’s easy to say in the midst of a combined health and economic crisis. We are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of commentary from all angles and it’s hard to know what we should believe.

Our industry is much better equipped to react to a change in working practices than some – most agencies, due to their very nature, were already set up for full remote working. Like many others, we have a flexible working policy in place that is working very well for our staff and clients. However, there have been many reports from the agency community of projects being curtailed or cancelled despite the capacity being there to undertake them.

If we can stand together, support each other, share ideas, advice, and help keep our businesses looking to the future, we can get through together. Approaching this situation singularly, in isolation, with no consideration of each other’s needs, will end up leaving our community much the poorer when this is all over.

It’s part of our agency ethos to collaborate – and we want to do that for the benefit of  us all. But what else can we do to make sure we can all get through this?

Plan to ride the storm

I read an article that suggests one in four people are refusing to change their behaviour in light of the outbreak. This is a scary statistic. It’s this reluctance to change that will hurt us the most.

We have a responsibility as humans to protect others. Business leaders have a responsibility to protect their workforce. There are industries hit so hard that they have had no choice but to take drastic action. Yet, where we can, we should have a solid plan in place already, with milestones and trigger points to take the next piece of action to save our jobs. Plan to ride the storm in any way you can for the rest of the year – plan for recovery next year.

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Support each other

As we continue to lock ourselves away in our own homes and adjust to this new way of living and working, remember to support each other in any way we can.

When times get tough, we need people around us to lean on, generate ideas, lift our spirits. We have to make more effort than ever to keep this up. Join that Facebook / LinkedIn group you were invited to; start your own neighbourhood WhatsApp; reach out and ask for help if you need it.

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It's time to talk

There is no doubt that this will change the world, forever. We will all behave in different ways once this is over. How we work, how we purchase and consume, and the things we value most in our lives. No one knows for certain what that ‘new normal’ will look like, but businesses that listen closely to their customers now and spend the time understanding how their needs have changed will be much better placed for recovery. 

Despite forced social distancing and isolation, the negative potential of this situation can only be turned around if we trust each other and work closely to improve the resilience of our businesses. 

If I can be of help to you, be it a chat, discuss ideas on how you can keep your business moving forward, suggest ways in which you can reach out to your customers now, or to perhaps reminisce about the golden days of when we only had Brexit to worry about, please feel free to get in contact with me. 

You can call me on 01603 622766, email, or use the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Or you can get social and contact us through our Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

There’s never been a better time to talk.