Sky AdSmart on TV in modern living room

If you thought TV advertising was the domain of large national brands, think again. AdSmart from Sky is a revolutionary way for businesses of all sizes to utilise the power of TV advertising. Just as we’ve seen huge growth in digital advertising through platforms such as Adwords and social media, there’s a quiet revolution going on right on our TV screens.

Highly targeted advertising.

Adverts that run on terrestrial TV are beamed indiscriminately through transmitters, with everyone seeing the same set of ads – regardless of their location, background or individual circumstances – it’s a scatter-gun approach to advertising.

With AdSmart, ads are delivered straight to individual Sky boxes, tailored to a viewer’s specific profile – what you see during a Coronation Street break will be different to what your neighbour or the person on the next street might be seeing. This isn’t mass advertising, but highly targeted marketing – in this respect, AdSmart works really well for local and regional businesses.

How does it work? Advertisers can pick and choose from a range of household attributes – for example, home ownership, household composition, car ownership or lifestage plus many more including a full-range of Experian Mosaic profiles. There are thousands of ways these can be mixed to make sure your ideal customers get to see your ad. Want to target families in the LS postcode area with above average income and a family pet? No problem. Or households that are likely to be adopters of new technology residing the London Metropolitan region. It’s all possible.

AdSmart is a perfectly targeted solution, your budget is spent reaching 100% of the right audience.

Case Study – Peterborough Regional College.

In the competitive education space, how do you reach a notoriously hard to engage with teenage audience? Initial research and our understanding of the sector meant we were able to define a clear strategy for Peterborough Regional College. This included cinema and Sky advertising to target influencers (parents) and students.

Our campaign, entitled ‘I’m prepared’, positioned the college as one which produces well-rounded, career-ready, ‘prepared’ graduates – capable of excelling at any level. The ad sought to highlight the range of courses on offer, showcasing key strengths in a variety of areas including sport, dance, engineering, hospitality and the sciences.

Over a 4 week period, the campaign generated significant interest – applications were up by over 20% versus prior year against a target objective of 15%.

Case Study – Motorhome Dealership.

Sales of motorhomes are at an all time high, with ownership growing at over 20% year-on-year  – even before the impact of Covid-19 and foreign travel restrictions, staycations were on the rise. It seems we Brits love the freedom owning a motorhome brings! But what’s contributed to their growth in popularity? According to the NCC (National Caravan Club), there has been a shift away from older, retired buyers, to those in their mid-30’s with young children. When compared to a caravan, motorhome ownership represents the ultimate in convenience, with no need to worry about towing or hooking up – just jump in and drive.

One of the largest motorhome dealerships in the UK spoke to us about putting together a marketing campaign to capitalise on the staycation trend and the shift to a younger audience. We suggested a combination of media types and channels, including Sky AdSmart, outdoor and press. From a small AdSmart spend of less than £10k, the campaign generated over £90k in new sales.

Becks Motorhomes TV and Sky AdSmart advert storyboard

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Airtime can be bought for as little as £3,000 making AdSmart a very cost-effective channel.

Producing a commercial ‘ready-to-air’ can take as little as 4 weeks, but on average we allow 6 to 8; the steps involved are as follows …

  1. Briefing meeting to define key objectives and success metrics
  2. Audience profiling and geographic reach, analysis and campaign planning
  3. Storyboarding and campaign narrative
  4. First ClearCast approval
  5. Filming and production
  6. Post-production editing
  7. Second ClearCast approval
  8. Play out
  9. Post-campaign analysis

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