Creative Sponge’s work to help promote Air Ambulance Week 2021 enabled the initiative to reach a social media audience of 35.5million.

As well as developing highly engaging social media content, Sponge also created a video that has now been viewed over 200,000 times.

The media reach of the team’s creative outputs has been valued at over £6million.

The results beat the previous year’s campaign, which had a social reach of 16.5million.

Every Second Counts

It’s the second year Sponge has developed digital content for the event after contributing in 2020 – and the agency will be working on new material to help publicise the event again in 2022.

Air Ambulances Week runs annually and is organised by Air Ambulances UK in order to raise awareness of, and funds for, the lifesaving work of air ambulance charities across the UK.

Air Ambulance Week 2021 took place from 6th to 12th September, with the nation’s air ambulances coming together to deliver the message that ‘Every Second Counts and Every Penny Matters’ when saving the lives of people with a sudden, life-threatening injury or medical emergency.