Personalised marketing that utilises insightful customer research, which understand their wants, desires, and concerns is incredibly effective. A detailed, clear understanding of your target audience offers greater reward than assumption or theory.

It comes as no surprise that 75% of customers are more likely to buy from businesses that understand their needs and create relevant personalised experiences.

If you can’t engage with your customers in an authentic manner, you lose trust and interest. Creative Sponge wants its work to move hearts and minds, build emotional connections, and influence behaviour. We can only do this by understanding our clients and their audiences.

Customers don’t want to keep what they want secret. They want to be understood and they want to feel like a person, not one of the herd.

81% of people want brands to understand them and know how and when to engage with them; 87% of consumers say relevant branded content has a positive impact on their perception on a brand; and 63% of people claim to be angered by brands that blast them with generic advertising messages.

Despite customer personas being vital for understanding and building strategy, research suggests only 44% of marketers use them. The 71% of companies that do use persona modelling exceed revenue and lead targets.

Personas give you the data to create unique and personalised experiences tailored to each customer type. This is crucial because personalisation influences decisions and ensures you’re suggesting the right product to the right user at the right time.

But what are buyer personas? Essentially these are fictional characters created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. These personas become representative of specific market segments and allow us to see complex groups of people in a refined and focused way.

These personas can be created via various types of research methods such as: workshops; on-site visits; surveys; interviews with your target audience(s); understanding strategic business objectives; sales analysis; website statistics; and desk-based research.

Whatever the method employed, the results are used to identify patterns and commonalities that help to develop varying consumer personas in a visual framework. This helps to develop creative marketing strategy built around their objectives, day-to-day challenges, and ‘pain points’.

This is a key aspect in our work when we approach projects – whether it is marketing strategy, branding, web development, and advertising campaigns. Without buyer personas, we’re shooting into the void unclear about whether we will hit our target or not. Using data to build up a detailed view of who we need to talk to, how, when, and where, means that the creative output will resonate with the target audience and help you meet your strategic objectives. Essentially it’s a choice between a sniper and a blunderbuss.

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