We made a promise at the start of the Covid crisis that we would do whatever we could to help other organisations weather the storm we found ourselves in. We felt passionately about using our collective experience and desire to make a positive difference to people, businesses and charitable organisations.

One such organisation that stood out for me personally was East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH). Living so close to one of its hospices, The Nook, means that, through our local primary school and community groups, my family and I have been involved in many different fundraising activities over the last few years. So when I discovered that EACH was closing its network of charity shops and found out the devastating impact it would have on its income, I felt Creative Sponge should reach out and help.

EACH told us they were in need of a campaign to raise much-needed emergency income built on the success of the 2.6 Challenge, the marvellous Captain Tom, 5 for 5, and many other activity-based fundraising campaigns that gained traction nationally. The popularity of these initiatives were based on being accessible by all and, most importantly, at home. However, our research showed that, while these campaigns were raising huge sums for our NHS heroes, there was a lack of clarity around what really happens to the money and who directly benefits from it.

Each Star Makers branding

We knew our solution had to create a tangible and transparent fundraising goal – and what better cause to support than the stars of EACH themselves, the Critical Care Nurses.  Right through lockdown, these Nurses were continuing to provide much-needed care for some of EACH’s most poorly children. They clearly deserved support and this is how EACH Star Makers was born.

The campaign is to raise enough money to fund two of these nurses across EACH’s hospices by asking you to pledge 100 star jumps every day for five days and raise £50. Take part on your own, as a family or with friends in a relay. Whether it’s in fancy dress, in the garden, or in every room of your house, we would love you to be part of it – get your family and friends to sponsor you to raise those vital funds!

Each Star Makers activity sheets
quotes The team at Creative Sponge have been amazing to work with, taking our brand and designing really eye-catching campaign graphics. We are proud of this new fundraising idea, which they have brought to life. Leanne Selway
Digital Communications Manager

If you would like to be an Each Star Maker, you can find out more here: https://www.each.org.uk/get-involved/each-star-makers.

We are very proud to be supporting EACH alongside our other charity and not-for-profit clients – British Trust for Ornithology, Air Ambulances UK, East Anglian Air Ambulance, and Norfolk Community Foundation.

The promise we made at the start of lockdown remains and we will continue to offer our services to people, businesses and charitable organisations that need our support.

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