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Keeping up appearances.

In the words of Lizzo “I do my hair toss, check my nail, babe how you feelin’? Feeling good as hell.”

It might be a simple thing but getting up and dressed in the morning will help lift your mood and help you get into the mindset to be productive. As much as I love living in my PJs, they are not good for getting stuff done.

Keeping up appearances illustration

I like to move it, move it.

I like to move it move it illustration

Staying active is a great way to lift your mood. Home workouts are widely available to stream online.

There are also apps for your phone such as interval timers which you can create your very own workouts using what you have at home. But if you can get outdoors, fresh air is essential. Soak up some sunshine, get back to nature and burn off those extra snacks you’ve found yourself indulging in. A simple walk around the block can work wonders. Active body, active mind.

So much room for activities.

Working at home isn’t always easy, not everyone has the space or facilities to work efficiently.

But it is important to try to make your workspace as comfortable as possible, and keep a clear distinction between work and home. Adding a bit of comfort to your desk/dining room table can also help, get yourself a nice pen pot, a house plant and appropriate lighting to help make things easier. 

So much room for activities illustration

Plan of action.

Plan of action illustration

Routine is a key way to help. Keep setting your alarm, keep getting dressed and most importantly making yourself the first cup of coffee of the day.

Set yourself a little task you’d like to get done throughout the day, get yourself a to-do list and when you start ticking them off you’ll feel super productive! Wunderlist is a great to-do-list app

Talk the talk.

We are social creatures, talking to people will help. A simple ‘how are you today?’ will go a long way.

It doesn’t need to be an hour long conversation, but just staying in touch allows people to know you are there. And vice-versa. There are a lot of amazing apps out there keeping people talking, houseparty app is a personal fave.

Talk the talk illustration

Square eyes.

Square eyes illustration

We all know it’s bad for us but try to limit your screen time.

On your lunch break put the phone down and pick up a book, go for a walk or do something creative. It’s so easy to sit in front of the television on an evening but why not try to learn a new card game, do that DIY you’ve been meaning to do or listen to music.

Mr. Brightside.

This is a weird situation we are finding ourselves in, a global pandemic isn’t nice. But it’s important to remain positive.

If you are struggling with the situation, social media is a great way to keep connected, but can also carry a lot of false information. Also try limiting your time watching the news, you can get notifications if there is something important you need to know.  It’s time to put your positive pants on, now is the time to reflect on how important and lucky we are, and value the opportunity to look ahead with optimism. Together, we can get through this, and we will come out stronger.

Mr Brightside illustration

Music to my ears.

Music to my ears illustration

Make an awesome playlist and share it with your friends.

Music will help lift your mood and keep focussed. I’ve also found having a dance off no matter how bad your moves really helps to get the blood flowing and boost your mood.

Human resources.

Remote working isn’t as easy as just popping to see someone and asking for a quick five-minutes, and you may not have everything you need, but there are apps out there that can help keep your work flowing.

Apps such as Slack, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams can help handle the everyday. There are lots of resources out there, and people trying to help each other, you just need to look/ask for it. 

Human resources illustration

Outside the box.

Outside the box illustration

Not got those weights for your workout, then use bottles of water. Can’t go to the pub with your friends, then go to a virtual pub and get a round in. Can’t go to the cinema with the kids, create a movie night at home with their very own popcorn boxes.

Being creative in these times is what makes us human, we find new answers to new questions. In a different world, it’s time to look at things in a new exciting way.

Working from home.

Working from home is something that takes a bit of getting used to but hopefully these tips can go a little way to keeping you happy, healthy and productive. 

Working from home illustration