Developed by Anpario plc – a specialist in feed technologies – Salkil is the market leader in controlling and eradicating salmonella in chickens. The disease can have a devastating effect on chicken populations, causing undue stress and discomfort to the bird.

Products that help prevent salmonella are widely used in commercial farming, but non are more effective than Salkil. We were tasked with creating a press and digital campaign to communicate the key benefits and raise awareness of the product in international markets.

Anpario Salkil logo

An illustrative route was developed to make it easier to replicate the ad in different territories. In Asia, for example, birds are mainly white, but in the US, they’re predominately brown. The simple illustration style also enabled elements of the gut to be highlighted indicating that the product works throughout the entire gastro-intestinal tract.

Key campaign messages

  • Defends the integrity of the birds’ gastro-intestinal tract and promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.
  • Promotes optimum gut function, assisting natural digestive processes and endogenous enzyme activity, leading to improved feed efficiency and enhanced mineral balance.
  • Helps maintain a healthy bird enabling it to achieve its genetic potential.

The overall look and feel of the campaign is inline with Anpario’s brand style – which we’ve helped develop for other campaigns including Orego-Stim and pHorce.

quotes The 'K' device from the Salkil logotype was used to draw attention to the bird’s beak signifying digestibility whilst the succinct copy spoke about the various stages of protection – from feed to gut. Michelle Williams
Creative Director
Creative Sponge