The 8 different types of brand name

Logos may change, straplines, people, offices, products and services may change, but a name seldom does.

Types of name.

Thoughts on naming

"A good name has meaning and resonates with consumers across all touch points."

Michelle Williams, Creative Director

Descriptive names

Descriptive, literal, names leave nothing to the imagination, they help explain what you do. British Airways, Carphone Warehouse, Burger King,, Land Rover

Emotive names

Designed to evoke an emotional response, emotive names are based around the feelings a customer has when they use your product or service. Innocent Drinks, Freederm

Abstract names

Made up names, complete works of fiction, but if it sounds right then why not. There's more chance of a made-up name being available. Spotify, Kodak, Dulux

Names based on origin

Names based on origin are derived from the history, location or provenance of the business – for example the founders name or where the business first started. McDonalds, Ford, Dyson, John Deere, Kensington Tea

Playful names

Often these names have no direct relation to a company's business, but they are memorable and fun. Funky Piegon, Moonpig

Acronyms and initials

Often descriptive and meaningless. 3M, H&M, IBM, WPP, IKEA, BMW

Compound names

Combine two or more words, or parts of words, to form a single word. Facebook, Instagram, Fedex, Weetabix, Microsoft

Metaphorical names

Names based on metaphors tap into the visual element of a brand. Nike, Gorilla Glue, Amazon, Jaguar, Orange

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