Digital Marketing

Get noticed online (and sell more!) with an optimised, high performing digital marketing campaign.

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Digital marketing.

Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities, including – paid search (Adwords for example), digital display ads, email campaigns, social media, SEO and content.

A well planned digital marketing campaign can help raise brand awareness as well as driving visitors to your website.

If more website traffic is one of your objectives, what happens when a user lands on your site ? Did they do what you expected them to? Did they buy anything? Did they fill in an enquiry form? Did they leave a review? Did they get in touch? Did they spend any money? Did they leave satisfied?

More generally, do you know how well you're performing online? Have you checked your Google Analytics recently ? Do you understand where improvements could be made ? Like most marketers, you probably don't have time to delve in too deeply.

The good news is you don't have to worry about deciphering complex reports or wading through reams of data, we'll do that for you. It's our job to review, analyse and make recommendations on how best to spend your marketing budget to maximise returns. And it all starts with a digital audit.

Digital audits explained.

Digital audits are designed to identify key areas of opportunity for your business to be more successful online. This includes making your brand more visible in the places where your customers are, and increasing the chances of them taking action once they are on your website.

Think of it another way, imagine Google as the high street and your website as your shop front. We’ll show you how to get more people through your doors, and how to turn them into customers once they do.

Digital strategy document

To help us understand your current position and pain points, we'll ask a tonne of questions; we'll deep dive into a review of the competitive landscape, we'll analyse all the data we can get our hands on and produce a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, all packaged up in a neatly presented strategy document. At the heart of this document lies the 'workplan'.

Common objectives:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Be seen and heard by your potential customers
  • Get noticed above your competitors
  • Become the one that customers find first.
  • Find out what is holding you back
  • Make more people take action on your site


A workplan is essentially a step-by-step guide to improving your marketing performance. It details the specific actions that need to be taken in order to reach a set of agreed goals. 

Taking the form of a Google sheet, the task list is segmented into different types of activity, a sample of which may include:

Content production

In terms of an SEO strategy, content is king – well written, informative, relevant content can really help with rankings.  We'll explore different formats (graphic, written, video, animated etc), topic brackets, specific blog titles, and help develop a rollout plan, content calendar, distribution channels (website, social, email etc), landing pages and more.

Google AdWords

We'll help you get the most out of your Adwords spend by developing a clear and concise strategy – which will include: recommended keyword targets, account structures, budget recommendations, instructions for setup and monitoring guidance. Stop wasting money on underperforming campaigns or poorly setup accounts.

Technical improvements

We'll analyse your site structure and technical setup to identify opportunities for improvement – particularly around usability, code optimisation and site load speed. Recommendations could be around SEO, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), site structure changes, page hierarchy adjustments, redirect strategy, meta data updates, canonicalisation and pagination implementation.

Social media

Social media is a hugely important channel for brands of all sizes, we'll identify the right platforms to suit your audience; and develop a messaging framework around each. This includes tone of voice and visual language, we'll then plan an engagement strategy and develop a set of advertising recommendations which will detail the themes and graphics to be produced along with general post topics.

Workplan outputs:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • PPC - Adwords, LinkedIn, Social
  • Website analytics
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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