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A new website and campaign landing page for a global convenience snack brand

Continuing our long-standing relationship with Eat Natural, following their buyout from global power-house Ferrero, we created a new website and landing page that supported and elevated their first ever National advertising campaign – Feel the nature.

Eat Natural and Fererro creatives in Italy, established a campaign celebrating five hero bars. Using model photography on a backdrop of their associated main ingredient plant. Our change was to reference the style of the campaign across the website, without using those images, creating a naturalistic, greenery aesthetic that celebrates the natural ingredients throughout and hero the products. And create an immersive feel whilst echoing Eat Natural’s ethos of keeping it simple.

Alongside the main website we also created an engaging single-page site to create an anchor point for the OOH advertising campaign. This time utilising the model photography, we endeavoured to elevate it and create depth with hero loading animations. Across both sites the homepage and landing page randomly loads the hero bars creating alternate experiences for users when re-engaging with the site.

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