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Healeys Print Group.

  • Calendar print.
  • Design.

Healeys Print Group.

  • Calendar print.
  • Design.

Celebration of Print.

Working in partnership with Healeys, we were the inspiration behind their 2020 Calendar – a statement piece showcasing a myriad of print techniques and stocks in a handy, desktop format.

quotes Love it. Love it. Love it. Jane Carter
Healeys Print Group

Making print POP!

A feast of print, and all things fun; from Diwali to the Rio Carnival, celebration was our theme. Bringing together mood boards for each month, exploring stocks and finishes, notable events and holidays; we sought to create something captivating, unusual and beautiful.

A Mayday ‘may pole’ features real ribbons users can plait, play and interact with. A dimensional spiders web jumps off October’s page and spot UV champagne bubbles hearld in New Year’s eve.

quotes This calendar has the element of surprise, it's tactile, captivating and a wonder of print techniques. Steph Shore
Senior Graphic Designer
Creative Sponge

Variety is the spice of life.

Here’s a full list of the different stocks used:

Arjowiggins Keaykolour Atoli, Particle Moonlight // Condat Silk // Conqueror Cream // Fedrigoni Splendorlux, Sirio Pearl Misty Rose, Inspira Giallo Energia, Mirrorboard Spendlorlux // GFSmith Gmund Electric Blood, Gmund Treasury Composition, Gmund Treasury Shimmer // Heaven 42

And the different finishing techniques:

Foiling in copper, purple, gold, rose gold, neon, holographic, transparent // Die cuttiing // Embossing // Special inks in neon and gold // Debossing // Dimensional printing // Duplexing

This was truly a great opportunity to test the boundaries. Try new things and experiment with paper engineering. What is possible and what is not. And those happy accidents that have a charm all of their own. 

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