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Caring with PRIDE


Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


  • Strategy documents

Creating a visually engaging and approachable set of strategic documents.

Working closely with Norwich & Norfolk University Hospital (NNUH), we have helped them to establish a visual identity for their set of strategic documents, their vision for the next five years and how it aligns with the wider NHS People Promise.

Our challenge was to absorb detailed, strategic content and help NNUH filter it into digestible, clear information. Plus, create a style that separates it for the more clinical documents commonly seen throughout the NHS. They wanted a statement style that felt really approachable and friendly aesthetic – that would make people want to read and engage with the strategic content.

We have created a range of documents that follow a consistent style. We introduced a new handwritten typeface, adopted their PRIDE values colour palette, introduced a cut-out image style and created a suite of illustrated graphics and iconography. Combining it all together with the considered, manageable content creates a statement recognisable look and feel that encourages people to read their strategy.

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