Peterborough Regional College.

  • Advertising.
  • Film.

Peterborough Regional College.

  • Advertising.
  • Film.

Education is a competitive marketplace.

There’s a problem that every college faces no matter how large or small or prestigious – keeping students engaged, excited, and, most importantly, enrolled.

As increasing competition crowds the marketplace and students face greater choice, two questions continue to challenge: How do we capture the attention of our target audience, and how do we keep prospective students engaged throughout the enrolment process?

Just as big brands engage consumers through emotionally charged advertising and storytelling, colleges need to do the same.

Preparing for life.

In the kick-off meeting and subsequent research phase, we delved into what made Peterborough Regional College special – why should a school leaver chose it over somewhere else?

We quickly discovered that the majority of students liked the broad range of courses available, the facilities and high quality teaching. Many students were going on to have successful careers in a range of sectors from animal care to travel & tourism – in essence, the college was preparing young people for life. That thought, around preparedness, formed the basis of our campaign strategy.

Reaching Generation Z.

Tech-centric, Generation Z is accustomed to making decisions quickly – a result of a shortened attention span – they are also the YouTube / Netflix / Reddit generation – consuming quick one to three-minute videos on their phones.

Gen Z’ers have also lived their entire lives online, they expect authenticity, entertaining interactions and experiences that provide what they need without having to ask for it. Video seemed the ideal medium for this audience.

I’m prepared #AreYouPrepared.

Calling upon our earlier research and market insights, the ‘I’m prepared’ campaign featured real students at college doing the things they love, beit dance or sports science, electrical engineering or hospitality – the energy, passion and enthusiasm isn’t fabricated but honest and truthful. Working across video and social media, the campaign launched on terrestrial TV and played at cinemas in and around the Peterborough region.

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