UEA Research and Innovation.

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UEA Research and Innovation.

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Bringing research to life.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) has a worldwide reputation for research and its academics are making a real difference on a global scale. It is important to communicate the impact it’s having to ensure that funders, partners and organisations are made fully aware of this valuable resource and its achievements.

A shared success.

With the investment of public funds in research, it is increasingly important to demonstrate the real impact research is having on society, as well as its value. To further develop and grow, particularly in this region, UEA needed to communicate its success to date with the information presented in a bold and accessible format, making it a real conversation starter.

Let the numbers do the talking.

Our approach was to present the content in a highly visual infographic style with written content kept to a minimum, allowing the reader to clearly see the valuable economic statistics and creating ‘wow!’ moments throughout. Naturally, the document needed to feel prestigious, so a beautiful GFSmith Colorplan paper was used for the cover, with both white foil and debossing to highlight the ‘impact’ of the content. The document also featured a fold out centre spread highlighting the global reach of the University’s research. The document was extremely well-received when presented to businesses and stakeholders at key events, creating significant new partnerships in the region.

Forward, together.

The success of the impact report led to an ongoing relationship between ourselves and the University, working together on further documents highlighting the significant impact of research in the region.

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