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With a workforce spread all over the world, effective internal comms is crucial

With teams and offices in multiple territories and cities across the globe, how do you keep everyone up-to-date with the latest company news? We work with Warner Bros. London head-office on a range of internal digital marketing initiatives for all territories outside the US. Initially working on email marketing campaigns – we moved them from embedded images in Outlook to a fully-featured dedicated email marketing system – we then supported the team on a number of other projects, including digital magazines.

Local Production News, International Notice Board and Inside UK are three of the main projects we help deliver. We have also designed and built an online portal, hosted on Warner Bros. servers, to hold back-copies of digital assets and publications; making it easy for teams to reference previous communications. This innovative approach streamlined the way in which Warner Bros. spoke to and engaged with their staff, resulting in more efficient dissemination of information and participation.

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