Inspiration Trust

Creating an approachable brand for a Trust, with a local twist.

The challenge.

The Inspiration Trust exists to raise the attainment and aspirations of the next generation and is recognised nationally for its achievements. However, they were misunderstood amongst their families and local community, and alongside struggles in the media, it was time to make a change. Time to create a new brand for the people who really matter.

Our approach.

With multiple stakeholders, it was important to discover what people really thought about the Inspiration Trust and their aspirations for its future. Valuable perspectives, collated through focus groups, surveys and workshops, went on to inform, craft and build the brief for an engaging and unifying brand.

The solution.

It was time to show the Inspiration Trust as a human trust, one that would change the hearts and minds of parents and communities.

A bold move was to drop the brand mark into lowercase letterforms and remove iconography, opting for a purely typographic approach. Connecting typography, teamed with vibrant colours and dynamic curves are what sets this brand apart, embodying not only the Trust’s passion for the people and communities they serve but their drive to go above and beyond.

Inspiration Trust annual report 2020 on blue background
Inspiration Trust brand guidelines showing typography and graphic style
Inspiration Trust social media posts on an iPhone X

The new brand style would flow into the Trust’s sub-brands, using a consistent typographic approach, and through into the brands of the 14 schools. Our approach was to create unity with the Trust brand but also give the schools a sense of individuality. So, by retaining their historic iconography alongside a new typographic lock up based on the new Trust identity, we were able to create brands which would become part of the Inspiration Trust family, a Trust to be proud of.

Inspiration Teacher Training logo on a blue background
Letterhead and business cards for Inspiration Trust subbrands
quotes Thank you all for your incredible work – I’m really happy with the outcome Jemma Walker
Head of Marketing
Inspiration Trust

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